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Choosing 5-star energy appliances

Usually, we don’t pay much attention to which appliances consume most of the energy, while paying our monthly electricity bill.

We kind of just look at the bill and pay for it. Once a while we might just advice everyone in the house not to over-use or switch off the appliances when not using it.

The best option to reduce your electricity bill significantly is by switching to 5-star energy appliances.

In Malaysia, we have four 5-star energy appliances that are certified by Energy Commission of Malaysia. It is refrigerator, air-conditioner, fan, television and Eco Breeze products. Perhaps it is a little bit pricey compared to conventional appliances which will definitely make you think more than twice to purchase it. However, if we tell you how much is the annual savings when you use 5-star energy appliances, you might be interested to switch it.

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