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Eco Breeze HVLS fan EB-BF-I73

HVLS fans use high-volume low-speed (HVLS) technology to improve airflow and energy savings. The other words for HVLS fans are big fans, giant fans, or large fans.

Eco Breeze Malaysia made’s HVLS fan EB-BF-I73 provides a 0~54 RPM breeze with the very minimum noise level at 46 dba. The result: It keeps your employees or occupants at comfortably cool and no noise pollution.

The HVLS fan features an advanced and elegant five-blade design to enable balanced air circulation to extensive area coverage of more than 1000m². Besides, it also minimizes hot and cold spots, and condensation, which helps keep food and produce dry and fresh to reduce spoilage.

One of the most talks about benefits is energy savings because HVLS fans regulate the temperature from floor to ceiling. The motor power of this model is 1.5kw, which less power consumption, compared to other HVLS fans in Malaysia.

More advantages on using Eco Breeze HVLS fans
– Large area coverage more than 1000m².
– Essentially silent quieter than a human conversation.
– Tri-dimensional wind from all directions.
– Space saving and elegant looking.
– Natural, comfortable, gentle breeze.
– Maintenance free, long life span.

Eco Breeze is offering free delivery and installation for HVLS fans. Also, our price is very reasonable in the Malaysia market.

Go here to find out more about Eco Breeze HVLS fan EB-BF-I73.

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