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There isn’t anything on the market that will give you a complete solution that drives away from the mosquitoes. From the cheapest mosquito coil to an expensive mosquito trap installation. Those annoying small insects can still find you.

These buzzing and blood-sucking insects seem to be there with you wherever you go, ruining countless outdoor activities and often leaving you with irritating bites and skin itchiness.

 Eco Breeze DC Ceiling Fan with Remote Controller EB-6018


Here comes our question – Does a Fan Actually Work?

The short answer is yes; fans can work to put off mosquitoes. According to research, the speed of the fan can help fend off mosquitoes, which are naturally weak fliers. Moreover, the fan will disperse carbon dioxide and other chemical cues and odors that mosquitoes use to locate hosts for feeding.

While this seems like a convenient solution for all of us, and it may work well for the occasional outdoor activities like gathering and social games, which it’s not exactly practical. The best solution for mosquito control is a permanent one.

Good and strong fans that used indoor will help to keep the little buggers away. So we can understand here that fans won’t just give us cool air, it also has other benefits.

Wall Fan 

Eco  Breeze Wall Fan EB-WF4018


Mosquitoes don’t like to fly in a breeze air. Secondly, fans help to blow away specific CO2 that we exhale, making us less detectable to mosquitoes.

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