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How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

With so many variables and options, you might be overwhelmed with all the selections when shopping for a ceiling fan. Worry no more, we are here to guide you through choosing a ceiling fan fit for your needs.

The primary considerations are the dimensions of your room, the size of the fan, airflow and CFM, the length of its blades, how many blades, their materials, and more.

Here are the lists of what you have to look into:

1) How to Choose Between Ceiling Fan Sizes
a. Room Size vs. Fan Size
The first thing to consider when deciding your ceiling fan size is the size of the room in which it will go.

b. Ceiling Fan Size Guide / Chart

c. Hanging Height
To meet building codes, the bottom of the fan should be at least seven feet off the floor; eight to nine feet will allow for optimal circulation.

d. Sloped / Special Ceiling Types
Aside from hugger fans, most fan canopies (the part that attaches to the ceiling and covers the junction box) can accommodate some degree of slope-usually up to 30 degrees.

2) How Does a Ceiling Fan Work?
a. Ceiling Fan Controls
There are three ways to operate a fan: a pull chain, a handheld remote or a wall control >> Pull Chain, Remote and Wall Switch.

b. What is CFM and Airflow?
CFM which stands for cubic feet per minute. CFM measurements are taken when a fan is on high speed, then that number is divided by the watts used. This means that the higher the CFM, the more efficient the fan, and the more air it moves. 75 cfm/w is the minimum to be considered efficient, according to Energy Star requirements.

3) How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Blade
a. How Many Ceiling Fan Blades? Does it matter?
The number of ceiling blades is often an important point in deciding what type of ceiling fan to purchase, but this is becoming less of a question of function and more of personal choice with advancements in technology.

b. Fan Blade Finishes and their Advantages
Choosing the finish for your ceiling blades will largely be dependent on what room it’s going in and what your budget is. The four main blade materials and their unique advantages are:
MDF, Plastic, Wood, and Metal.

There you have it. The above tips will definitely help to shop for the right ceiling fan.

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