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Is Too High humidity Levels will Affect the Skin Badly ?

When the weather is humid, there will be a lot of moisture in the air. That will cause the pores of the skin to open and makes them susceptible to gathering oil, dirt, and allergens. While too much humidity can cause detrimental issues like skin breakouts, acne, eczema, and bad reactions that show up on the skin.

Humidity is necessary for some people with dry skin, especially those with Eczema. It highly recommends them to have a humidifier in the house during the winter. But we don’t have to worry about humidity in Malaysia, due to our tropical weather.

However, when the humidity gets too high, we Malaysians may always be sweating, which will irritate our skin and make it itchier. As mentioned earlier, too much humidity can cause our skin breakouts, acne, allergic reactions, etc.

Our indoors must have sufficient cooling providers like fans, air conditioners, air coolers, air circulators, etc. Protect our skin from over humidity.

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