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What are HVLS Fans ?

In other words for HVLS, is high-volume, low-speed fan. It is a big ceiling fan more significant than 7 feet (2.1 meters) in diameter. Unlike a small, standard ceiling fan that creates small, high velocity and turbulent air streams.

The HVLS fan relies on size instead of speed, to move a significant amount of air. It is designed for large spaces such as warehouse, factories, and other industry spacious areas.

HVLS fans have evolved as technology has rapidly improved. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and residential spaces, often working in conjunction with HVAC systems for energy savings.

Here is the demo video of an HVLS fan

The HVLS fan will move the air toward the floor in a column that radiates in all directions, flowing horizontally until it reaches a wall or floor. This creates convection-like air currents that build as the fan continues to spin. The increased air circulation effectively removes hot, humid air and replaces it with drier air.

Besides, HVLS fans effectively redistribute warm air trapped at the ceiling down to floor level. It’s very suitable for Malaysia hot weather.

Eco Breeze HVLS fans are one the best designed in the market. A made in Malaysia brand has been distributing locally and internationally.

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