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What is OEM ?

OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. It’s defined as a company that makes the goods and will be used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished products to the end-users. It is the same meaning as White Labeling.

The other firm is referred to as a value-added reseller because by incorporating features, services, or branding, it adds value to the original item. The other firm will works jointly with the OEM on specific customizations based on the other firm’s requests.

Benefits of OEM

1) very fast expansion of your existing product line
2) preserve your existing brand, control customer relationships
3) option to outsource all packaging and labeling
4) option to ship directly to the customer

Here are Eco Breeze products:
1) Air circulator
2) Air cooler
3) Ceiling fans
4) HVLS fans
5) Wall fans
6) Ventilation fans
7) Table & standing fans
8) others

Go here to find out more about Eco Breeze OEM service.

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