Air Cooler is a solution for healthier and comfortable indoor environment

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Why Buy an Air Cooler ?

Staying at cool and comfortable indoor during hot weather in Malaysia can be an expensive task. Air coolers offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to the standard air conditioning system.
Air Cooler is a solution for polluted indoor environment.

However, here are the benefits of having an air cooler at your indoor environment:

1) Basic Cooling Technology
Compared to air conditioners that use compressors and refrigerants, air coolers use only water, a fan, and an internal pump to saturate the cooling media to create cool air.

2) Cost-Effective
A standard air cooler operating will typically cost less because the only costs associated with running it are just water and electricity. It is almost three times cheaper than other standard air cooling appliances’ costs.

3) Environmentally-Friendly
For environmentally-conscious consumers, air coolers are an ideal solution for keeping cool without the use of refrigerants to cool your home. Most air coolers use a natural process that cools the air using motion and water. This process won’t add ozone-harming pollutants or other chemicals to the environment.

4) Humidifies
The cooling process in the air cooler is naturally humidified dry air by reducing dry air symptoms such as itchy eyes, throat, or skin.

5) Can carry it around
A portable air conditioner has wheels that allow you to move it into another room or place quickly.

The goal of the air cooler is to cool your space. However, air cooler varies in their usage compared to air conditioners.

More importantly, the air cooler is very easy to maintain, reasonable, and movable.

For Greater Advantages.

Air Cooler for healthier indoor environment

Air Cooler for healthier indoor environment

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